YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO MAKE A GREAT FIRST IMPRESSION Make it count with WordStorm PR’s Media Training Workshop

Media ask us daily, “Are they good talent?” in regards to the clients we are pitching for interview.

After our intensive one day workshops, we can confidently reply with a resounding “Yes!”.

Everyone has seen or heard interviews where the interviewee was simply not prepared and it is not a good look.

A day of media training will give you the skills and techniques you need to ensure you excel in interview situations for years to come.

WordStorm PR’s one-day workshop is customised to YOUR business and includes:

  • An introduction into the different types of media (magazines, newspapers, radio, TV and online) and how interviews differ from outlet to outlet.
  • Details on how the media works and what they require from you as interview talent.
  • Identification of your brand’s key messages.
  • Ways to handle difficult questions.
  • Creation of role play scenarios with ex-ABC journalist Simon Palan which includes use of a professional camera to film responses.
  • Analysis of your performance in each interview on camera with recommendations of what to work on.

You and your team will leave with a feeling of confidence and assurance that you can handle even the most difficult interview situations.

WordStorm PR can hold workshops for up to 5 people and will arrange it to suit your schedule. While the CEO may be the most appropriate person for media interviews, it is also a good idea for other members of the team to undertake media training in the event that they are required for interview in the future.




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Client Feedback

Celebrating over 15 years of satisfied clients!

Liverpool StLiverpool St“I had such a positive and, dare I say it, enjoyable experience with the WordStorm PR’s media training. I found it insightful, helpful, thought-provoking and absolutely enlightening. The team put together a comprehensive programme and were dedicated to ensuring the formulation of clear concise messages and how to translate them in an interview scenario with a journalist. You might think you’re an effective communicator, but I challenge you to do this training and see just how much better you could be. “
Siobhan Komander – Managing Director – Liverpool St.