Author: Wordstorm PR

Budget Boosts and Bust Ups

What impact will the budget announced last week have on your industry? Do you have an opinion about this or can you demonstrate through your own business the impact it will have? In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video, I discuss how you can transform the budget announced last week, into a powerful media angle to secure mass media exposure […]

How fitness trainers and nutritionists can magnify their message this Spring

Is the thought of baring your body in a swimming costume a scary one?If so you’re not alone and this year is probably worse than most due to comfort eating from COVID 19.In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video I explain how fitness trainers and nutritionists can make the most of this conundrum and magnify their message in mainstream media.#spring #fitness #media

Great exposure starts with ABC

Would you like to be featured on an ABC news site? There’s good reason to put effort into this, as according to the latest Nielson Digital Ratings ABC new sites came in at number 1. In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video I describe my 3 step process to magnify your message on the ABC. I also let you know […]

Why pictures speak louder than words

What do your professional images look like? Have you had them taken or do you need a revamp? It today’s #magnifymondaymoment I talk about why pictures speak louder than words when it comes to securing media coverage and the importance of having professional images taken. I also identify the range of images you’ll need and how to […]