Say it With a Meme

By Erin Donovan I know for a fact that I check my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and email way too many times in a single day. I struggle to imagine a world where you couldn’t tap into someone’s WIFI or find an Internet signal whenever and wherever you are: waiting in lines, on the train, during […]

From USA to AUS

By Andrea Rocha The timer is ticking down. Actually, it isn’t ticking. It’s pounding and screaming, “Andrea, you have to leave the beautiful land of Australia and get back to the States, pronto!”. Let’s rewind to some time near late March. My semester was nearing its end. I was preparing for exams, arranging final presentations, […]

Top 3 PR Campaigns of 2014

Everyone knows the importance of an effective PR campaign. It can essentially make or break a company. With half the year already flown past, we’ve put together a list of our top 3 PR campaigns that have nailed it so far. 1. #NoMakeupSelfie With social media continuing to take over the world by a storm, […]