What Media Want

Blog to win

Here at WordStorm we love everything about blogs, from writing our own and reading fascinating stories on others, to working closely with the latest, popular internet personalities. It’s fair to say, blogging is fast becoming a major source of news, reviews and entertainment.   Have you got your own blog? Do you blog on behalf […]

WordStormPR in the Media

A feeling of excitement and satisfaction filled the air at WordStorm’s Monday morning meeting this week. All thanks to a small written sentence of acknowledgement mentioned in Retail World by one of our clients. It’s always a thrill when our clients get media coverage but to see our own name in the lights was fantastic! After considering […]

Big Red Nose

Just a quick pre-warning for this coming Friday. If you see a lot of people with big red balls on their noses, no they are not impersonating Rudolf the Reindeer or promoting the lotto. They are merely showing their support for one of Australia’s largest fundraising events. This Friday, 29th of June 2012, marks the […]

I do, I do, I do

For many Australians marriage is a meaningful way to express love and strengthen commitment. However with the opportunity currently limited to heterosexual couples, many are getting behind the push for marriage equality and the media is no exception.   Australian women’s magazine, Marie Clarie has launched the new ‘I Do’ campaign, putting all of their […]