4 Things to Consider Before Planning a PR Stunt


How to turn your business media release from ‘Blah’ to ‘Can I have the exclusive?’

By Monica Rosenfeld The media love running stories about entrepreneurs.  Why?  Because journalists care about writing content that engages or adds value to their audience and there is nothing that entrepreneurs love better than reading about and learning from other entrepreneurs. What this means for you if you are an entrepreneur is that you have […]

Five things journalists ask themselves before deciding to run your story

By Monica Rosenfeld Media outlets are made up of two distinctive departments – the journalism and advertising department.  Both are integral to the success of the media department.  Advertisers fund the media outlet whether it be radio, newspaper, TV, online or magazines.  But these outlets are not going to attract an audience unless it offers […]

The History of Valentine’s Day

By Blake Peroumal What do chocolates, flowers and insufferable sums of PDA have in common?  You guessed it, Valentine’s Day. In today’s bright new world Valentine’s Day acts as a symbol of flourishing love, and an opportunity for businesses in the retail industry to spark growth. Although the 14th of February has been reserved as […]