The Stormery Team

Over 17 years, we have built up trusted relationships with media across Australia. Journalists and producers trust us to give them content that will engage their audiences and we nurture these important relationships daily.

For the PR agency businesses trust, get in touch with us online or phone us on (02) 8272 3200.

About Us

Spend enough time on Instagram and you might end up thinking journalists spend all their time accepting delivery of succulents in terrariums and diarising invitations to lunch at Otto. The truth is that journalists don’t need bonsai gardens in a jar and don’t have time for fancy lunches; they need stories they can use.

Stories are what we deliver to journalists, which is why they’ve been taking our calls for the past 20 years.

Based in Sydney and servicing both national and international clients, WordStorm PR has a rock-solid reputation for matching the right clients, stories, journalists and publications. Our clients see multiple media mentions in their target publications month after month.

And our clients are counting on us for that exposure. You’ll find the atmosphere in our Surry Hills office probably feels more like work does in your office and less like long lunches over bubbles, but we love it this way.

We handle PR for all sorts of clients — disruptors, large-scale events, consumer products, lifestyle businesses, aged care providers, speakers and authors, technology companies, not-for-profits. Whatever the business they’re in, our clients share the need to magnify their message as far as possible.

We know how to present a story from you in a way that the media want to share because WordStorm PR was founded by a former producer from A Current Affair. That insider perspective means we know exactly what journalists need and how to package it for them.

And the way we do public relations, our clients win; the journalists win, and no one is stuck working out how to recycle a terrarium.

If you’re looking for a boutique public relations agency that will get you or your business in the media — fast and consistently — while being quite a bit of fun to work with, we’d love to talk to you about what you need.

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“WordStorm PR had a really good understanding of the requirements of a non-profit PR client, as opposed to, say, a commercial one. They have a deft touch and give us targeted, well-timed appearances, which builds our credibility.” — Elise Burgess , Head of Communications, FOUR PAWS Australia