In The Press

Is Fake News threatening PR trust in media?

Professional communicators and story tellers now walk a fine line when it comes to balancing the bait of attention grabbing headlines. They are faced with a challenge that is constantly sharpened by an increase in news media distrust and a booming of different content styles and channels; a phenomenon called ‘fake news’. The phrase has […]

Turn Testimonials into Media Gold

I’m going to start this blog by asking a couple of key questions: 1.      Do you have happy customers or clients who by using your product/service feel that you’ve made a positive difference to their lives? 2.      Would you love to see a story about your business on the news site/TV or Radio program/ radio show/magazine most [...]

How to: Four TV stories in one week

I recently wrote a blog entitled “Get Your Brand on TV” with my industry insights into how to get TV coverage for your business. I thought it was timely then to illustrate how we put these tips into practice. Last week four of our clients appeared on television where they were able to promote their […]

How To Get Your Brand On TV

When talking to potential clients wanting help with their media exposure, 90% express the desire to get free airtime on TV.  I can’t say I blame them.  A mass audience to hear their message, the credibility of being able to say ‘As seen on (insert program)’ and a great promotional tool to use in all […]