The Difference Between PR and Advertising

By Nichelle Fulwani In the world of marketing; advertising and PR are thought to be one and the same. Many businesses believe they play a similar role, achieve the same results, and can be used in lieu of one another. So what is the difference between PR and advertising exactly? The following 4 tips will […]

The History of Valentine’s Day

By Blake Peroumal What do chocolates, flowers and insufferable sums of PDA have in common?  You guessed it, Valentine’s Day. In today’s bright new world Valentine’s Day acts as a symbol of flourishing love, and an opportunity for businesses in the retail industry to spark growth. Although the 14th of February has been reserved as […]

How Influencers Can Help Your Brand

By Marnie Faundez Owning a business can be a tricky feat, and a company’s marketing strategy has the power to make or break their success in the industry. For this reason, it is vital that a company is up to date with current trends and rely on the right strategies to expose their brand. One […]

International Women’s Day #PledgeForParity

By Elena Eckhardt On Tuesday 8th of March we celebrated International Women’s Day. This year’s theme was “Pledge for Parity”, aptly named as only days ago yet another report highlighting the gender pay gap was released. The report, conducted by Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre in collaboration with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, found that amongst top […]

How to Blitz Your Next Job Interview

By Rochelle Blanch We have all been there, those frightful moments before a job interview. Our palms are sweating, our lips are dry, our hearts are pounding fast and we can’t seem to remember a thing. Well, you need not fear anymore – the more you prepare, the less daunting it may seem. From someone […]