How To Get Your Brand On TV

When talking to potential clients wanting help with their media exposure, 90% express the desire to get free airtime on TV.  I can’t say I blame them.  A mass audience to hear their message, the credibility of being able to say ‘As seen on (insert program)’ and a great promotional tool to use in all […]

Product Placement: Stealthy or Shameless?

By Davina Jeganathan Product placement has gradually become a more popular marketing strategy. Have you noticed your favourite Nike shoes in a movie? A side character munching on an Oreo? Or even a resident bad boy revving up an Audi R8? In some cases, the product placement is subtle and tasteful (and could almost be […]

The Ultimate Australia Day BBQ

    The sun is shining, the sausages are sizzling, and Triple J’s Hottest 100 is playing. Australia day, the time of year where Australians come out to celebrate everything that is Aussie, from thongs, board shorts, beer, flags and of course a day at the beach!   What really makes Australia Day great are […]

New Year, New Clients

  2013 is looking to be a very exciting and rewarding year! Coming back to work can cause some people to have the back to work blues. Not the case for the WordStorm team. WordStorm PR is proud to announce six new clients that are joining the WordStorm family: Wilcox Events, Picster, PosterCandy, PrettyShoes, Masha […]

Do we spend too much on presents?

  Christmas is 12 days away. Prepare yourself. Put your comfy shoes on and give yourself a pep talk- Christmas shopping is about to get CRAZY. Theweek before Christmas people mean business. Australians this year are estimated to spend about $32 billion. That is on average more than $1200 per person. Although good news for […]

Sugar-Free For Three Weeks

Three weeks into the WOW Sugar-Free Challenge. How is everyone feeling? Here at the WordStorm office, we are beaming with energy. Sure, the first week was hard. But as the days go on, you begin to notice how positive and beneficial going sugar-free is on your body and mind. No more headaches or fatigue and […]

Sssh… We’ve got a secret

“I want Kardashian hair”…. too easy!   Long, voluminous locks, cascading over your shoulders with perfect salon style curls. If I told you it was easily possible, would you believe me? If I said it would take less then half an hour, would you believe me still?   Well… this is exactly what our journalists […]