How to gain mass media exposure

How to gain mass media exposure

What is going on in YOUR #industry. How is it relevant to your business? If you can answer these two questions, you have a strong media pitch. In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video I show you how Kogan did just that and achieved a fabulous article in the SMH’s digital platform and all associated titles. You can […]

Women’s Health Week

Awareness days/weeks provide a great opportunity for your to share your #expertise in the media. By showcasing your expertise in the media you gain instant trust and credibility for your brand. There’s an awareness week coming up that many businesses can use to share their expertise in the media. It’s Women’s Health Week, running from […]

Gaining Media Exposure

In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video I talk about one thing you don’t want to get media exposure for. That is your mismanagement of your social media platforms and more to the point, less than desirable treatment of customers who complain about your product or service on your social platforms. This sort of interaction often gets picked […]

Enhancing Your Marketing Strategy

The three pillars of marketing today revolve around #trust, #content and #personalbranding. Without these three elements, your marketing efforts will be falling flat. In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video, I’m going to talk about how an effective PR strategy can help you develop these three essential elements. I’d love to hear your thoughts. Enjoy! #pr #content #publicrelations #monicarosenfeld […]

Communicating with humour

Are you crystal clear on who your target customer/client is? Can you communicate this clearly and memorably when asked by either a journalist or a potential client? In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video I give an example of how you can develop instant rapport with potential customers/clients by being clear in your messaging and injecting a bit […]

Why is PR so important for Not-For-Profits?

Public relations is a crucial element of any marketing mix, promoting a business via earned editorial coverage. For Not-For-Profit organisations, PR lays a foundation of trust by educating the public of their movement. Similar to for-profit companies, not-for-profit organisations use PR to increase visibility by telling their story to create a meaningful relationship with new audiences. […]

Tweaking your press release

Have you ever tried getting a story about your #award win in the media? Did you succeed? There is one key mistake that most people make when pitching their award win to the media which results in no coverage. In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video, I highlight what that mistake is and a small tweak you can make […]

The Importance of Workplace Culture

Throughout my studies at university, tutors and lecturers alike have always emphasised the importance of culture within the workplace. A key quote from my studies that I have kept with me is by Roger D’Aprix; “A worker who sees clear connections between what he or she does and the success and accomplishments of the organisation, […]

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