Media Giveaways

Media Giveaways

In today’s video I’m going to be talking about how you can use giveaways to get great mass media exposure for your product. Journos are always looking for ways to keep their audience engaged and there’s no better way to keep them interested by giving them the opportunity to win awesome products. Lots of media […]

How to nurture media relations

In today’s video, I’m going to be talking about five effective ways to nurture those all-important media relationships and they’re actually quite simple. The first one is straightforward. If a journalist has written about your story or included you in a story that they’re working on, send them a thank you email. You can even […]

PR for Crowdfunding Campaigns

My name is Monica Rosenfeld. I’m a professional speaker and the founder of WordStorm PR. In today’s video, I’m going to talk about PR for crowdfunding campaigns, and why it’s actually not such a good idea to go down this route. We get calls all year long from people launching crowdfunding campaigns and wanting us […]

Print vs. Digital: is it time to say goodbye to magazines and newspapers?

There is no hiding the fact that the majority of young people source their daily news from Facebook, Twitter or Google. The convenience, affordability and instantaneous nature of having a mobile device has eliminated the need for magazines and newspapers as an information source. Just this week, every young woman’s favourite magazine, Cosmopolitan, announced that […]

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